Have High Regard and Respect for Money and Time

If you really want money to be naturally and effortlessly attracted to you, first and foremost you need have the inner value principle of highly regard and respect to both money and time. These both energy money and time are closely intertwined to each other, the quality energy of respect should be at par and perfectly equivalent to each other no less no more. If you disrespect one you are also disrespect the other.  The concept and the principle of respecting money mean we should constantly honor any commitment or expenses you have incurred, all these financial commitment however insignificant or major you need to be fully settled within it stipulated time frame ,if even should try to settle any financial commitment almost immediately. For the major financial commitment like mortgage installment try to expedite from the source income cash flow. As time becomes more precious and the fight for our dwindling attention span increases, the need to learn how to prioritize the areas that either need to be outsourced to a professional (e.g by appointing tax agent or plumber), or the ones you can afford yourself, is critical.

Similarly with time, both are the most priceless commodity for human. If you respect time, you should honor any meeting appointment and important date that required you to deliver, any potential slight delay kindly communicate to the other party is shown your high respect of time he or she has allotted time to you. If you demonstrate an inconstantly behavior of respecting money and time it will further weakening your flow of energy and vibration indicating your disregard the value of money and time you are indifferent which in actual fact you have low regard and respect for yourselves. The energy of wealth will not be attracted you since your trust and respect energy level rather blip , the universe in this regard also will not deliver to your desire. The inner value of respecting money also includes the element of how the manner we spend and manage in a prudently and wisely manner . How the manner the money has been wisely channel to more deserve and needy. Spending on the luxury item just to satisfy our desire but not really our need is not demonstrating of highly regard and respect money. Conceptually the money you have over the time have accumulated in your reserve fund it only entrusted to you, you still have a fiduciary responsibilities to undertake.


The Article is an extract from the e-book “Moment of Truth of Your Internal Financial Blueprint (IFB)”. More article will be shared.

Writer : En Rosli Saran. Editor : En Mohd Fadhli Omar. They currently are helping the normal everyday people to enhance their Financial Literacy enable them to experience a real comfortable and sustainable financial position.

En Rosli previously was Head of Treasury in one of the GLC and also a Certified Financial advisor.

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